Virtual spaces for conferences

Gather hosts venues for online conferences, giving attendees a way to chat and meet new people as naturally as you would in real life.


Bump into a colleague while on the way to a workshop

Natural conversation

Walk in and out of conversations, just as you would in real life


Arrange the rooms how you want it and add custom branding
"Achieving interactivity in a virtual conference is a huge challenge, Online Town gave us a place where conference goers could casually chat, network, and meet new people in ways that are challenging in standard video chat. "
Sasha Rush, ICLR 2020 General Chair
"The best part about Online Town is that it's more than a novelty; it works well."
Zoom Not Cutting It for You? Try Exploring a Virtual World
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Cater to your event

We have pricing plans for all sizes of events: up to hundreds of participants with guaranteed reliability, custom branding, and custom maps. Easily embed poster sessions or speaking panels into your venue. Or, just use the free rooms for small events.

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